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xxDo Not Stake List in Reports

April 07, 2014, 10:14:25 PM by Broski/Blake
Views: 565 | Comments: 19

Recently there has been an overwhelming amount of people scamming in the duel arena. In spite of our best efforts, there are a select few people who scam on a regular basis and we can't ever seem to get the items refunded for players. They will have either already lost the items, transferred them, or have been banned and Mods will not be able to access their account. I have come up with the idea of a "Do Not Stake" list, updated by the staff team frequently. While this will not remove the threat of scammers completely, hopefully players will be more aware of which players not to stake. Yes, I know they will just make alts, but hopefully they will be either be unaware of the list or hopefully this will just make it harder for them in general. Remember stakers, always ask a Mod to check the alts for a player if they seem suspicious.
The list can be found pinned here, in the Report a Player section.

xxRecklessPK Newspaper - March 2014

Z / Beware
April 06, 2014, 05:59:15 AM by Z / Beware
Views: 584 | Comments: 44

RecklessPK Newspaper ~ March 2014 Edition

Hello! Welcome to this month RecklessPK Newspaper, this month was filled with some great moments, updates and the coming and going of players, not to mention a new administrator, new client and a new system known as "honour points".

Client v6.3

This month brought with it the release of a tweaked client. Client v6.3 is the latest update and it is largely for a few fixes and updated switches. The switching is undoubtedly improved and is a whole lot better than the original switching was. You can download the new client here -

Promotions & Demotions of March.

Promotions -

Beware was promoted to In-game Moderator.
Broski was promoted to Global Moderator.
Camelot was promoted to In-game Moderator.
Malcolm was promoted to In-game Administrator & Forum Manager.
Amir/Bandos was promoted to Helper.
Beware was promoted to Global Moderator.
King Sambo was promoted to Helper.

Demotions/Resignations -

Jay has resigned from Global Moderator to Player.
Vitamin was demoted from In-game Administrator & Forum Manager to Player.
Trivia has resigned from In-game Moderator to Player.

Congratulations to everyone who was promoted, to Jay, we will miss you on the staff team as I'm sure the server will miss you as a moderator.

Costume Contest

So this month we were treated to yet another event at the expense of our Community Manager, V8Bugatti. This event was a Costume Contest, to enter you needed to take a picture of your character wearing a unique and cool outfit.

Best Costume Contest #1
Costume Contest #1. Huge prizes to win with a Torva set as the first place's prize!

About the event
Yes.. It's back! Basically, this event is based on looks. Whoever posts a screenshot of his in-game character with the best/coolest (and whatever else there is) outfit wins the event! There are multiple winners so that there's a bigger chance to win than ever.
The only thing YOU have to do is think of a sick outfit, screenshot it and post it below.

Voting for the best looks
Fairy X and I will be choosing the best #10 outfits from all the participants in the event. Then, I will make another post along with a poll for everyone (the community) to vote on the outfit that they think is the coolest, or best and so on. Please DO NOT base your votes off of friendships you have with certain people, we want this event to be judged solely for looks and not some friendship event.

The Prizes
1st place will receive: FULL Torva!

2nd place will receive: Spirit shield set!

3rd place will receive: Halloween mask set!

Rules of this event
✘ No asking friends to vote for you
✘ No claiming other people their outfit as your own
✘ MUST screenshot it like the example that's given below
✘ No hate towards possible winners, flame can be done in the flame wars section
✘ You are only allowed to enter once, so choose your outfit carefully!

The point of this event to get the BEST outfit/look possible (your own interpretation of best).
Entries must be posted like this:

If you don't screenie your outfit the same way as above (Gear > Show equipment stats) you will be disqualified immediately.

This event ends on saturday 22/3/2014, this means you will have 2 weeks time to get your entry in.
After that, the post will be made with the top #10 entries and the community gets to vote on who they think should win.
As stated above, there will be 3 winners, so it'll be fun!

I wish everyone good luck and thanks again for playing RecklessPk!
Suggestions for further events? Send them to me in a forum pm or post on here!

Follow us on Twitter:
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V8Bugatti & Fairy X

The prizes included a torva set for first place, a spirit shield set for second place and a halloween mask set for third place! Unfortunately, entry to the competition has closed, and winners have been picked.

#1 - Sigh (uses ags in brid fights)

#2 - Ohi Im clean

#3 - Omg Noodles

Congratulations to them.

Honour Points & The Removal of Master/Grand Master Ranks

Very recently, Graham made changes to the Quest tab, which is where you can find out what points you have, the amount of players online as well as things like the bonus skill and the uptime. The eagle eyed players may have noticed a couple of updates, the main update of these being the addition of "Honour Points". So what are they? Well for anyone who was on after the update, Graham announced that they would be needed to wield certain weapons in the future and that they could be earned by being active as well as a players ELO and KDR being a factor.

Hello, in this guide I'm going to be talking to you about the basics of Honour Points, the latest update to RecklessPK. I have noticed that a big number of people haven't a clue what they are, so hopefully this will be useful to a lot of people.

How do I get them?

The best way to get Honour Points is by being active and pking, if you log in each day, you will receive a set amount of points. The amount you get is based of your elo. For example I have 1750 elo and I gain 55
Honour Points when I log in for that day.

You cannot gain points every time you log in and out, only every 24 hours or on a new day.

What is their purpose?

The purpose of these points is related to another recent update, which was the release of the steadfast boots, if you have already bought a pair of boots from the wise old man at ::donatorsplace you may have noticed aside from the initial 5000 PKPoint charge, you also need 1500 Honour Points to wield them.

As well as this there has also been speculation on whether there will be a new shop where we can spend our points, rather than just have them for the ability to wield glacor boots, or perhaps even more items which will require Honour Points to wield!

As this is a new update and there is not much information on the subject at the moment, I will return to this guide if Graham releases any additional information, that's all for now. Hope this helped.

However a lot of players felt quite disappointed after realising that the Master and Grand Master titles had been removed, rendering their hard earned ELO almost useless, although there have been indicators to suggest new titles being added in their place, even if these rumours are false, I'm sure Graham has something in store for us.

Videos of the month!

The community here at RecklessPK often produce some great videos, and this month is no exception.

Recklesspk Dclaw-Rush-Hybrid Pk video #3

V8Bugatti PK Video #8 ft Shortyy | Reborn

Devil Dente `Kill` Pking Video Two

Absolut Pk Vid 3

Player Profiles

In-game name:  0mega
Irl name: Isaac
Rank: In-game moderator
Favourite color:  Blue
In-game Picture: 

Fantasy pet: Tiger
Favourite food: Lasagne or Pizza
Favourite sport to watch: Rugby
Ideal special attack weapon: Ags, dds, dmace

In-game name:  Beware
Irl name: Sam
Rank: Global moderator
Favourite color:  Red
In-game Picture: 

Favourite band: Nirvana
Studying: Business
Favourite sport to watch: Football
Ideal special attack weapon: Korasi

In-game name: Goblin
Irl name: Tony
Rank: NPC
Favourite color: Green
In-game picture:

Favourite food: DvF's Rabbit

In-game name:  Agilie
Irl name: George
Rank: In-game moderator
Favourite color:  Black
In-game Picture: 

Favourite staff member: Beware
Best V8 Nickname: Fagatti
Ideal living location: Earth
Ideal special attack weapon: Morgs Jav

March Suggestions

March has been a great month for suggestions, here are a few of the best ideas that I have picked out. If you wish to vote for any of these suggestions I will leave the links to the threads that they are posted in at the top of each description.

Rocktail fishing ( - Think about this, rocktails are a necessity when it comes to pking, one of our members, Jordan suggested that we be able to fish them, this would be brilliant for both skillers and pkers alike, it would provide a higher experience fish to catch for skillers and also may encourage pkers to start skilling themselves so that they can save some vls's.

Extreme potions ( - One of my own ideas would be to offer extreme potions in the PKPoint store for between 5-10 points each, this in my opinion would help newer players get their first few kills and so they can establish themselves in the game, It would also add some value to making them instead of just buying overloads.

Master ranks & Kills + deaths ( - After recently being removed, a lot of people have already posted their support for the re-addition of master ranks. As they are gone for now there are not many things ELO can do apart from decide how many honour points you receive upon logging in, however there have been hints at new titles which could require a combination of both ELO and honour points to unlock. The second part of this suggestion is to re-add kills and deaths to the quest tab, this was removed after the initial ELO update. (some months ago) Ever since it's removal player have requested it's return and for a PK server it would make sense.

March Interview

So for this month, we have something extra special in the form of an interview with Dtc Lukas, he's done a significant amount for this server and his dedication is clear, it is for this reason I needed to interview him... as well as this he has recently been talking about learning to code among other things which is really exciting to me and should be to you, so here it is...

So Lukas, How old are you?
I'm 18 years old

How long have you been playing runescape and runescape private servers?
Since I was 8, so like 10 years now. I started RSPS's around when I was 11, moparscape lolz

Did you know Graham or Ferry before recklesspk

What is your favourite thing about RLPK? (apart from me obv)
I actually like communicating with the RLPK players, that's why I like livestreaming alot.

Do you have any insiders on upcoming updates for us?
Not really ATM, Graham is really unpredictable but I'm currently studying Java so whenever I get to it I'll do some goodd updates.

you mentioned you may be learning to code, is this as a hobby or as something you want to take to the next level?
I want to take it to the next level. I really enjoy it and I'm looking to open my own RSPS soon. I've the knowledge how to run one, and I think I'd make a great owner TBH.
I'd have to agree, you'd be a great owner.

When you get on reckless, what do you like to do?
Chilling with friends or PK'ing. I've over 7000 kills, but I still enjoy hybridding and regular PK'ing. I've tons of alts people don't know about on which I pk on.

Outside of the game, what are your hobbies apart from beer of course?
Drinking beer, going out with beer and having sex with beer. JK. I love going out with my friends, and just hanging out with my girlfriend. I really like football, and I play/train football 4 times a week and I consider myself pretty good.

If you could choose one thing to bring to RecklessPk, what would it be? (could be content, a player etc)
Donation system to be fixed. People that are willing to donate to this server shouldn't be treated how they are being treated.

Thanks a lot for speaking with me Lukas!
My pleasure.

Welcomes and Farewells

So as another month passes by, new players have arrived, amongst them some familiar faces and old players have sadly moved on.

Welcoming to the server...
- Rayburn
- Piro
- Zoradox
- u mauled son
- Jasminee
- Glowie
- kkingxd
- Marty
- Kimo
- Reeceftw
- Camerxn
- Joq
- Lusterb10

Sadly, we say goodbye to...
- Berserkerpr0/Tim
- Crunchy frog
- Hunter (Resigned)
- Jay (Resigned)
- Trivia (Resigned)
- Vitamin
- Mint
- XxFreshxX
- 2noobs 1gp
- Ossi Ketola
- Marty
- Terror/Jed
- Exiled Fish

We wish everyone leaving us good luck with whatever they choose to continue on to!


This edition of the RecklessPK Newspaper was brought to you by Beware, thanks to everyone who helped with volunteering for player profiles. I know it's not as content heavy as the last paper, I apologise for that, there seemed to be a lot less positive media to talk about this month. As always hope you enjoyed!

Dont forget to...

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